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About the Webcam

I use my webcam to display renders made by my Second Life girlfriend, Donna Domenitzo, who happens to be an amazing Daz3d and Poser artist, in addition to being a really great Second Life photographer. She is a great story teller, too! She made my Deviant ID and a number of wonderful gift art pieces that are featured in my gallery. Click her icon to check out her page and see more of her clever, sexy, and original work!


Currently Featured: Dark and Blue (feat. :iconbrendaconnolly:)



United States
My name is Etherea Serendipity. Most of the pictures here will be shots of me and my adventures in Second Life.

Second Life is about fun and fantasy fulfillment for me, so a lot of my images will feature me in various costumes. Cosplay wasn't big when I was younger and I think I'm probably a little old for it now in real life, so I compensate by spending way too much time putting together costumes for myself in SL. I also really like the damsel in distress and superheroine genres, so expect to see a lot of images of me knocked out, tied up, or imperiled, in campy (and some not so campy!) situations, too.

And if you see me in-world in Second Life please say hello!
A lot of you who visit me regularly have probably noticed that I've not been extremely productive lately and that I'm waaay behind on answering messages and all that good stuff.  Being behind is pretty typical for me, as you know, but not to this degree.  So I would like to apologize to everyone.  I will hopefully be able to take care of all of that soon and answer everyone who has been kind enough to take the time to leave a comment. 

I haven't been completely idle, though.  I did a really fun pic Invasion New Jersey by donnaDomenitzo for Donna :icondonnadomenitzo: starring Brenda :iconbrendaconnolly:.  You may not recognize me there, but I am Marvin the Martian.  :) 

I also posed for something a little sexier for Donna called "The General's Aide" The General's Aide by donnaDomenitzo.  I think the picture turned out really good, but due to the pose and the composition we ended up going with, the real star of the picture--the World War II era office Donna meticulously put together--is mostly off camera.  I will be posting a few pictures I took while she was shooting the main image as a sort of "making of" so you can see how much work we (usually meaning she) puts into these pictures. 

I'd originally intended to do a photo story with the "Purity's Suite Life" image I recently posted being the last picture in the sequence.  I started shooting them from last to first because I thought the last couple of poses would be the hardest to do and I wanted to get them out of the way first, but in the end I only ended up shooting the one I posted and the next-to-last one, which I will post soon.  If there's interest I may go back and shoot a couple more pictures and make a mini-comic out of it like I originally intended.  I will also probably post a few cutting room floor shots I took of the Silver Bolt picture I just posted, as we had a really hard time choosing which one to finally go with and I like some of them too well to just delete them.

And for any Cassidy Bryce :iconcassidybryce: fans we may have in the audience, she is now in Second Life and I have been helping her try to get her avatar together and get the things she wants and needs to be herself in SL and also to do some bondage photography.  We are moving in fits and starts because of my real life situation lately, but we are getting there, and I've already posted a couple of pictures we've taken.  I have a couple more, one with Cassidy, Brenda and I, and another with me, Cassidy, and my friend Miss Saja, which I will try to get posted soon.  They still need some post work before I put them up, and I just haven't had the time so I've been posting things which are easier and quicker to do first.

I've also done another modeling gig for Miss S. Tights, and as soon as the product is released I will put the ad pic Melanie made for it up here so you can see it.  She always makes me look good.  :)  And if you need hose or tights or bodystockings or anything along those lines in Second Life, be sure to go to the in-world store and take a look around.  You won't find better, and she has Slink appliers for most of her product line.  We're also working on getting permission from Gos to make appliers for his shoes.

Last but not least, I've not forgotten about getting the long-delayed next chapter in the Golden Venus story done, but it is going to take some writing and that's just not something I've had the time or the brainpower for lately.

So that should give everyone an idea of what's coming up in the (relatively) near future.  Thank you again to everyone who drops by and takes a look or faves or comments, and your patience is really appreciated.


:iconwonderful-woman: :iconsteel-city-heroines:


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